Good Times. Great Dates.

aponitime™ is a lightweight, highly-customizable picker widget for dates, times or virtually any scenario where the values from multiple controls must be combined into a single form field value.

As a date/time picker, aponitime™ makes date and time selection fast and easy on all devices without sacrificing accuracy or aesthetics—especially for birth dates, which usually require excessive clicking and/or scrolling.

Most choices can be made by clicking, tapping, dragging or arrow up/down.

Both the format of the value field and the configuration of the picker's controls can be highly customized.

The heavy logic of manipulating complex formats is off-loaded to a server process, so even the most complicated pickers have a minimal browser JavaScript footprint!

Oh, and did we mention there are no third-party runtime dependencies? Integrate it with Angular, jQuery, Knockout, React, Svelte, Vanilla JS, Vue.js or any other library or framework… or use it standalone!

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